Who’s taking care of your Digital DNA?

Online Reputation Management

The Digital Revolution has put the power in the hands of your customers…

Take a minute and think about that.

When born our DNA is predefined by our genetics, and try as you may, you will never be able to change the DNA that you were born with. You are however able to control and alter your Digital DNA.

What exactly is Digital DNA? Simply put, it’s the makeup of the channels along with the personality that you portray online.

An interesting fact pertaining to Digital DNA is that even though you don’t have an online presence the chances of you having a digital trace is fairly high. This means that even though you don’t have a presence online and you may be under the illusion that because of this no-one is talking about your business, chances are that you are wrong. They will speak about you regardless of whether it’s good or bad, or whether you are in the room or not.
It’s because of this that it’s vital to have a Social Media / Digital presence. With this you not only have a cost effective platform that aids in brand building and advertising, but also doubles as a Client Relationship Management and Lead Generation Tool.

Today everyone has in inherent need to feel heard, and by utilizing Digital Media effectively, you also create a platform where your target market can feel exactly that.

Winggirl Media will:
•Monitor all activity online pertaining to your company, brand or business
•Make you aware of what is said as soon as it is said
•Respond on your behalf

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